Salt and Saturation by Naomi X (21/03/’15)

In this deep
Soulful place.
Of becoming.
I have felt the nectar.
Rip from my core.
Tasted my heart.
Inside the hollowed egg.
A beautiful iridescence, to these little Metal Foils.
In the Chaos, I felt the Moon.
Cooled soft.
Dissolved and Warm.
In the fray, I battled.
Mind anxious, body calm.
These systems start to simplify.
I enter the cosmic drip feed.
Of Light to receive Love.


Together by Naomi X

You stand there wanting watching waiting
I face you smiling listening contemplating
The calm of our joint presence
Non-intrustive protective something of warms substance
Relaxed and easy, never taxing- just us being
Connected yet appart
Year after year
Through the eyes of storms
Feeling heart aches, witnessing deaths, crisis
Stillbirths Birthdays Weddings healing others
Being healed
Trauma’s so deep they make us numb and dumb
Reminiscing our first meeting
A lifetime ago
We were still mutating, as we do now
Sometimes held in the winds of change
Often dragged resisting
An easy life
Only snatches of basking in our power
Then the vortex of
Others ego’s which poke at hurts and make respite
Too painful to contemplate
Until burn out
Nothing left to do, but start anew
Outside of the glare
Feelings of rain comes, dampness and dew underfoot
I want you watching waiting to create Bliss
Together in our own web
Let’s leave it to others to catch up
When they come a calling
If they stand close, our breathe will drag them up
Our smiles of hope
Contemplate a better life
On the outside

Orga(ni)sm by Naomi X

Now there’s a heat
A warmth
From my Navel radiates outwards
My Core shifts
At the extremity
A crystalline light so blinding
My human frame
Is Held in space.
My lights
So bright
The source

Escovitch and Land by Naomi X

Escovitch gone my Love

Whale on Land

Escovitch gone my Dear

Whale on Land

Floating on a geischa’s gown

Gossamer throat billows

Limp it Crush it

Gulp it down

Whether to feel whole of look for (im)pulse spray

six oceans dry, six ways to die

On the seventh refrain

I am purified /inhales/exhaled

Flown in the toxic round

Waiting for the rivers floatsum

where my billows will shelter no more

Mackrel gone my love

now this whales on smoked battered cod

drys up the throat

stuns the senses

toxic overload, needing no one to dose

The dull din of radiation radication

Shine and skim the skirmish space

The skin tingles, big waves crush me ’til i’m contained

Prison prism islands

rekindle the soul.